Staying committed to regular exercise and personal training can be a challenge. Whether you go to the gym or work out at home, sticking to a consistent schedule will help you achieve the results you desire. This is why you should consider a 3 day a week workout routine. You may wonder why the 3 day workout routine is rated as one of the best bodybuilding workouts recommended by personal trainers in Carmel to clients that want to get in shape fast. Let’s talk about the benefits of a 3 day a week workout routine.

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A 3 Day Workout Routine Allows the Body to Rest

Let us assume you train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The little known benefit of the 3 day workout routine that makes it one of the best bodybuilding workouts and probably one of the few bodybuilding routines that actually works is what happens on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, the days away from the gym. It’s recovery! The main ingredient that makes a 3 day workout routine is rest. Most may not realize this, but what happens outside the gym is much more important than what happens inside. Muscles grow when they rest, not when they train.

Can You Get in Shape Working Out 3 Days a Week?

Three workouts a week is a common workout for beginners and for those individuals looking to get lean fast. This workout routine works great for muscle gains as well as providing more exposure to a training stimulus than most are used to doing. The beauty of a 3 day workout routine is it forces you to rest. In order to maximize the benefit of a three day workout routine, you need to balance your workout recovery with your overall workout intensity.

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Can a 3 Day Workout Help to Lose Weight?

Surprising enough, only working out three times a week is a great way to start losing weight fast. When you combine exercise just three times a week with a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to shed extra pounds. Why? Working out three days a week will help you begin to create the calorie deficit necessary to increase your metabolism for weight loss fast.

What Exercises Should a 3 Day Workout Routine Include?

Spending your whole day in the gym is not a necessary evil to build muscle and lose weight fast. By just weight training for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week is enough along with some of the gym equipment to get fit, such as the elliptical machine and battle ropes, it is easy to see results quickly. And when you quickly see results, it is easy to stay motivated.

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A 3 Day Workout Routine Fits into Life

We all know that finding the time to workout can be a hard thing to do. That is the beauty of the 3 day workout routine. Your workouts should fit into your life. If you are busy like most people these days, three days you can consistently make it to the gym for a workout with regularity and good form is better than a 5 day a week workout done inconsistently.

Are You Ready for a 3 Day Workout Routine

If you are ready to tackle a 3 day a week workout routine with the best personal trainers Carmel, Indiana has to offer, come out and visit an expert personal trainer at Better Bodies Fitness Center located at 12775 Horseferry Road, Carmel, Indiana. We are located in the Village of West Clay. See you soon.

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