We understand that during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are more than likely spending more time at home. (Even though we are open for business with personal trainers ready to tailor workouts for you. We understand.) Whether your exercise facility has been closed or you’re simply trying to reduce your exposure to others, a home workout space can help you reach your goals in the comfort and safety of your own space. Here’s how to create an environment that will inspire you during your online fitness training.

What is Needed in Your Home Workout Space


Most fitness centers, are bright and filled with vibrant colors to give you a boost of energy that inspires you to work harder. Before the workout, open all the window coverings.

Add some lamps if the natural light isn’t enough or if you’ll be working out at night. Paint an accent wall in the room with orange, yellow, red, or another energizing color.

Soft Flooring

If you are on the internet, health and fitness training consists of any high-impact motions such as leaping you’ll require to soften your joints’ effect. Soft flooring will also minimize audio transfer so that the move won’t interrupt individuals on the flooring below or in the next space. If the room does not have carpet floor covering, location interlocking foam floor coverings on the ground.



 Mirrors are necessary for any home gym, as they’ll help you check your form during each exercise. They’ll also reflect light into the area, keeping it bright. Install big floor-to-ceiling mirrors on a minimum of one wall surface.

Video Display

 If you are working out with a group or a personal trainer online, you may prefer a display more extensive than a phone or tablet computer. Set up a flat-screen television on a wall surface that can be easily seen from any part of the room.

 If the fitness instructor requires to see you, include a webcam with it. Likewise, location speakers around the room to make it easy to follow in addition to exercises without hurting your neck or struggling to hear.


 An exercise room can quickly fume as well as damp, so ventilation is crucial. If need be, place a huge box fan in front of the home window. Please turn it on throughout the exercises to remain cool and have a regular fresh air supply.

Even if You Don’t Need a Home Workout Space

Even if you find that you don’t need a home workout space, this should be an excellent guide. You can rest assured that we have some the highest COVID-19 testing protocols, and equipment regularly cleaned to ensure a COVID-19 free experience. When you are ready to meet with a fitness professional in Carmel, a fitness professional in Zionsville, or a fitness professional in Indianapolis, just give us a call at 317-733-3388.


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