Reaching your goals through working with a personal trainer is a great way to supercharge your workouts and help you get fit quickly. But a few common pitfalls are standing between you and your ideal gym experience. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your training sessions and avoid wasting precious time and hard earned money on an ineffective approach to getting fit fast. At Better Bodies Fitness Center in Carmel, our Indianapolis fitness center and our Zionsville fitness center we help tailor fitness plans to help our clients reach their fitness goals. Give us a call for a free session with a Certified Personal Fitness trainer at 317-733-3388.

Top 4 Tips for Effective Training Sessions

Effective training has several aspects. For a training plan to be successful four items must occur. Those four activities are:

  • Finding the right trainer
  • Be specific with your fitness goals
  • Following instructions from your trainer
  • Improve your daily habits

Find the Right Trainer

When you begin your workout routine, you will be spending a lot of time with your trainer, and for them to do their job effectively, you need to trust and listen to them. If you and your trainer don’t click, thank them, and move on to another one. Eventually, you’ll find the person who can effectively motivate you in your workouts.

Be Specific with Your Goals

“Getting fit” is a vague concept. A more pressing question would be something like, “Do you want to increase your strength?” “Or are you interested in building endurance?” “Perhaps you want to lose weight or perform better at an athletic event.” All of these goals require different training regimens. Before you go meet with your Indianapolis fitness trainer, think about what you want out of your training sessions, and communicate your fitness desires clearly to your fitness trainer.

Follow Instructions

Part of your fitness trainer’s job is to push you and make you try things you might not do on your own. Even if you think you can’t do what they ask, try. The only exception is if you have an injury or medical condition to work around; in that case, let them know in advance to come up with alternative routines.

Improve Your Daily Habits

Any progress you make in the gym can be negated by an unhealthy lifestyle. To get the most out of your training, you need to recognize that it doesn’t end when you go home. Eat a varied and nutrient-rich diet, and get plenty of sleep to see better effects from your workouts.

When You Make the Most of Your Time with a Trainer

When you meet with your fitness trainer, maintain your focus, improve your habits, are clear with your goals and communicate with the right fitness trainer, you will hit your fitness goals fast! We have the best personal trainers in Indianapolis at Better Bodies. Call us at 317-733-3388 to set up a complimentary training session today! 

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