Finding time to exercise can be hard for most, so it’s no surprise that people will often skip a warmup routine. Unfortunately, skipping this vital pre-workout routine can lead to injuries and ultimately a less intense workout. The perfect ideal warmup lasts 15-20 minutes and incorporates all the muscles and movements you’re about to use in the workout. As professional personal trainers, we’ve compiled three reasons why you should always include a warmup before any workout, whether you’re in the gym or training outside.

warmup before workout

Warm Ups Increase Heart Rate

Your heart rate and circulatory systems can better withstand high-intensity training when you build up gradually. By jumping directly into a strenuous workout, you run the risk of putting more stress on your heart. If you gently warm up, you can push yourself harder during your workout. The same rule applies for cooling down after. Your heart needs to ease out of the routine rather than to stop suddenly.

Warm Ups Prevent Injury

Gentle exercise will send blood flow to the muscles. Gradually increasing blood flow softens and relaxes muscles, and reduces the risk of overstretching or tearing muscles or tendons. Warm ups also help relieve delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following exercise and also will give you a greater range of motion.

Remember that your muscles will cool down once you stop moving, so continue your warm up until the workout begins.

warmup before run

Warm Ups Prepare You Mentally

An extra 15 to 20 minutes allows you to clear your mind and focus on the training session you have ahead. A good warm up allows you to practice movements that you’ll use later during the workout. Once you are ready to start your workout, both your joints and limbs are prepared for more intense moves.

When You Are Ready to Work Out

When you are ready to achieve the best level of fitness you’ve ever been in your life, come to the health fitness center, Better Bodies, to work with Indianapolis personal trainers to receive a personalized training program. Give us a call at 317-733-3388 today!

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