The physical benefits of going to the gym, or otherwise engaging in exercise on a regular basis are well-known, such as preventing obesity and its many health problems. The mental and emotional benefits of exercise are less well-known but are equally powerful and important. Whether you’re new to exercise or not, review a few of these perks from the personal trainers at Better Bodies in Zionsville.

Exercise Helps to Improve Self-Control and Focus

Exercise allows you to build a number of things. Exercise teaches you to focus, control your nerves, and how to motivate yourself to complete the task in front of you. If it is working the heavy bag for another two minutes or finishing your last mile on the elliptical, regular exercise helps to build all of the previously listed benefits. Professional athletes often speak of how they are able to exercise self-control and allows them to summoning the focus needed complete the task, rather than giving up.

Exercise focus

Exercise Helps to Grow Healthier Reactions to Stress

Consistent exercise helps your body and mind improve how it reacts to stress. When you complete various forms of physical activity, endorphins or feel-good brain chemicals are subsequently released. Endorphins act as natural painkillers during activities that are generally considered as uncomfortable. Endorphins are naturally designed to lessen discomfort. This natural effect explains the “runner’s high,” or the rush of euphoria you feel after completing a tough workout. Exercise provides the chance to improve how your body responds to stress, teaching you how to react in a calm, cool manner when facing a challenge.

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 Exercise Increases Your Ability to Self-Regulate

When you push through the discomfort, pain, and weariness of a rigorous workout to finish what you started helps you learn the self-regulation necessary for other aspects of your life. A study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology speaks of this side effect of exercise. The study revealed that inactive students who began an exercise regime three days a week learned how to stay calm and relaxed during challenging situations and applied their new mindset to exhibiting greater study habits, caused them to drink less, and naturally resulted in them eating balanced meals, as well as making other healthy food choices.

healthy reactions to stress

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